Electric Attic Stairs Installed:

One Touch Electric Stairway

Cel Electric attic stairs installed – One Touch is a fully electronically controlled electric attic stairway. At the press of a button its advanced circuit board allows the electronic unlatching of the panel, then allows the controlled extension of the multiple stair sections safely and securely to the floor. Depressing the same push button allows retracting of the One Touch stair sections, the closure of the panel, and it’s automatic re-latching. For high reliability and safety of operation, One Touch has no position sensors.

One Touch Electric Attic Stairway will stop it’s extension if an obstacle is in the way. At the next press of the push button, One Touch will revert in the opposite direction.


  • 500 lbs. Duty Rating
  • Fully Elecrtronically Controled by Advanced Circuit Board
  • Single Sided Handrails
  • 3/4″ Thick Plame Stop fire retardant birch panel which meets UL standards for FRS rating
  • Meets ANSI Standards
  • Insulated with R-10 aluminum foam board and weather strip to prevent air leakage
  • Built in Safety Features
  • Optional Keypad with personalized passcode for added safety and security
  • Plugs into 110 Volt AC, 5 amp Outlet
  • Completely Assembled – Ready to Install

One Touch Electric Stairway Installed for $7,399.00

One Touch Electric Attic Stairs - 8' to 16'H - 500 lb Capacity

One Touch Electric Attic Stairs
8′ to 16’H – 500 lb Capacity

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